T: +30 210 7213253

London Office
76 Rainier Apt. 43
Cherry Orchard RoadCR0 6FD
East Croydon, London
London | UK | T +44 (020) 32 861 904

Athens Office
37 Ipsiladou Str., Kolonaki, 10676 |
Athens | Greece | T +30 210 721 32 53
F +30 210 722 48 43

Santorini Office
Fira-Pyrgos Road, 847 00 |
Santorini | Greece | T +30 22860 28866

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When is a man naked? Does naked only concern clothes, clothing and naked body? Real nakedness and honesty can also exist inside a dressed body with a look that is not hidden. A naked person can be characterized as one whose nothing is burdened by...

"Paradise is an ideal place. It is an integral part of many religions. In antiquity there were the Champs-Elysées, with flowering gardens, where everlasting spring, joy and beauty prevailed. At the same time Paradise is also the place where the human soul seeks ultimate happiness....

THINKOFME implies a “Communion” indicating an equation with the dissimilarity of others. It means also the agony of thinking “as other person”, beyond the lame limits of subjectivity, as long as this fact guides us to a self-confinement of Ego....