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Naxos Holidays

About Naxos

Naxos is a Greek island that has a lot to offer to everyone who comes here for holidays. If you are looking for relaxation, enjoy the beautiful sea and the sun, or if you want t have long holidays and not get bored for a second this is the right spot! Naxos is the greenest Cycladic island and totally different from its neighbors. It is unique because of the landscape something that you will understand once you are on holidays. Imposing mountains, valleys, rivers and springs, caves and sandy beaches. A great deal of guests visit Naxos every year, as it is a popular destination, mostly by island hoping thankfully its good infrastructure makes it possible to host everyone. Unspoiled by the tourism as most tourists stay in the capital of Naxos because where the main market is located. The local economy is still based on agriculture and husbandry something that is very obvious to see while having your holiday and exploring. Naxos sand is also used in making sand paper and it is exported.
As Greek mythology says the god of wine Dionysus was from Naxos here is to prove this the land is lush and fertile. For this reason most locals are involved with agriculture. Fishermen are not as many as in other islands. Zeus the god who was born in Crete, grew up in Naxos. People named a mountain for his honor  and built a temple to worship him. It is said that Dionysus was born by Zeus and the nymphs Philia, Coronida and Clidi brought him up. As a thank you to his favorite place he blessed it to be fertile and filled with grapevines forever. 

Aridne’s myth is also very well known, the daughter of king Minos of Crete. She helped Thiseus to kill the Minotaur and left the island with him afraid of her father’s rage. In Naxos Dionysos saw her sleeping and made her his wife and another myth says that she killed herself when she jumped from the cliff of Hora.
This island was the centre of Cyclades from 4000 to 1100 BC. Hora in the ancient years used to be named Caliopolis that means beautiful city. Naxos was named after her first king. Through history other names were given to this island like Dia or Stroggyli and Dionysias. 

Famous for the great sculptures, some examples are the lions on Delos and Kouros status that you can still see in Naxos when on holidays.
This is a land of great history that you will have the chance to learn about on your holiday, it has been through a lot but still survived over her conquerors. Venetians and Turks left their mark. You can still see quite a few Catholics in Naxos. The island was finally free in May of 1821.

On your Naxos holidays you will have a wonderful opportunity to take a lot in about the Greek culture. With you have a chance to receive the best service during your stay in this island that offers so much in all levels to the visitors!
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