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Lesvos Holidays

About Lesvos

The capital of Lesvos is Mytilene where the harbor of the island is also located.  The archeological sights, the Medieval buildings, the imposing churches and the impressive mansions or captain houses show the long glorious history of this land! On your Lesvos holidays you will be amazed by the vivid life in Mytilene, the numerous coffee shops, restaurants, the museums and many interesting galleries as well as the remarkable cultural activity of the locals. Mytilene has a little more of 27.000 people living permanently there! It is located in the northeast of Aegean, if you like to be on holiday in an island but enjoy nature’s green all around you this is the place you have to visit! This is a blessed land with crystal clear waters, healing springs and perfect shaped beaches! Lesvos was cut from Asia Minor and it belongs to Greece with 1630 square klm is the third biggest island after Crete and Evoia. Lesvos shape looks like a leaf as Odysseus Elitis described it once. In Lesvos many famous people were born like the philosopher Theofrastos, Arion the singer and guitar player, Sapfo, the painter Iakovidis and the Nobel Prize winner Elitis, on your holidays here you can learn all about them.

 Lesvos got her name from the son in law of the leader Makaras according to the mythology. The cities founded got theis names after Makara’s daughters Mitilini, Issa, Antissa, Mithumna, Arisbi and Eressos. The great historic Homer says that the story of the Lesvos begun during the Troian War when Agamemnon stole Brisiida from Achille’s and caused his unbelievable anger! Lesvos has been influenced a lot by Troy. The Persians dominated the island in 546 BC until 472 BC when the Spartans and Athenians set Lesvos free so that they would later dominate her. The Romans managed to dominate her in 88 BC. Art, education and trade where developed in the years of 1354 and after when Gatelouzos was the dominator of Lesvos until the great catastrophic earthquake!

Later it was under the domination of Turks, the church tried to create an oasis for the education of the inhabitants inside the monasteries so that the idea of a free nation would remain alive!Lesvos was set finally free in 1923 with the Treaty of Lozani.

On your Lesvos holidays make sure to visit a few of those historical sites and learn more about Lesvos it will make you appreciate this land and love it in a different level. This is such a large island that you will find from traditional small hotels to the most luxurious modern type. One thing is certain that people who come here once surely return again for summer holidays! 
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